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  • How Santa Chatbots Can Help You Sell More This Christmas

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    With the Christmas season getting closer, now’s a great time to start thinking about how Chatbots can enhance your Christmas-related e-commerce strategy. If you’re looking to sell more while also delivering a neat experience for customers, a Santa Chatbot can be a big winner. From customer service to delivering new content, customers will enjoy the […]

  • The Best Chatbot Conferences of 2019 & 2020

    it conference

    With so much happening in the Chatbot ecosystem, conferences are a great way to stay current and check out some of the best chat bots. From Chatbot technology to Chatbot conversations to conversational ai to chatbot customer service, there’s something every industry worker can learn. Here’s a helpful list of chatbot conference 2019 and 2020. […]

  • How to Choose: Live Chat vs Chatbots for Your Business

    live chat vs chatbot

    In an ideal world, a business would operate both a chatbot and have live operators, always on hand to help customers. In many scenarios, however, that isn’t possible, so how should you plan your business contact, customer care and other communication strategies in the age of the chatbot? Being left on hold, long wait times, […]

  • Should Your Chatbot Be Male, Female or Gender-Neutral?

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    A straw poll in the office shows the majority of business chatbots and virtual assistants are given a female gender and character. Is this right, does it benefit the customer and should it be the case in the future when every business has a bot? Tech and science writer Gemma Milne recent series of tweets […]

  • Gatwick’s Chatbot Just the Latest in Aviation Bots

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    Gatwick Airport joins the growing number of aviation businesses making use of chatbots to help guide their huge numbers of customers around those sprawling hallways and to the right gate on time, with a refreshing display of commitment and business smarts. Last year, London’s second busiest runway at Gatwick Airport was thrown into chaos by […]

  • The Risks of Chatbot Data Breaches and Privacy Issues Made Clear

    data breach, hack, cyber crime

    With the news that Data Airline is filing a lawsuit against its chatbot provider, among endless IT breaches and disasters, the reality is now starkly clear that chatbots need to be secure and well-managed to protect the business and customers. The cloud is so easy and seductive, sign up for a service, create something amazing […]