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Rajamanickam Rajan

Free eCommerce Automation Tools To Skyrocket Your Sales

With the increasing dependence on the internet, social media, and mobile phones, the marketing landscape has largely shifted from traditional methods to make way for what we popularly know as “eCommerce.” As new and innovative marketing methods are on the rise, the eCommerce industry is flourishing and businesses can now reach a wider audience base, and drive significantly higher profits. Similar trends in eCommerce are expected to continue in the coming years with an estimated $200 billion in revenue to be generated by 2026, from $38.5 billion in 2017. What is eCommerce automation? eCommerce has helped businesses break geographical boundaries and expand their market with limited use of resources. They are further able to improve profits with the help of tools that can automate many of the monotonous and time-consuming tasks in the business life cycle. This is known as eCommerce automation, a winning strategy that almost every industry is

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Srushti Shah

Conversational AI and Psychology: Personalised Automated Brand Interactions

Remember when you had to visit a bank personally to make money transfers or find out about your bank balance? Fortunately, internet banking and mobile banking apps came into existence and dispensed the requirement of visiting a branch for basic banking transactions. Banking has evolved further with conversational AI (chatbots powered by artificial intelligence technology), making it possible for each banking customer to have their own financial assistant. For instance, one of the early adopters of this technology, Bank of America, has deployed Erica, an AI-powered chatbot that helps customers carry out day-to-day banking operations. You can ask Erica for your bank balance information, pay bills, transfer money and even seek personalized budgeting suggestions based on your spending. Great, isn’t it? But conversational technology has evolved even further. Chatbots are venturing into domains primarily reserved for humans, like psychology. One example is Replika, an AI-based friend that listens to you

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How to Create a Chatbot
Paul Pröll

How to Create and Build Your Perfect Chatbot

The first thing we need to know: There is no such thing as the perfect chatbot!  Even in the creation of a chatbot, there is no best practice guide. Every chatbot behaves differently, depending on the purpose, topic coverage and the target group. In general, however, there are various ways to build a chatbot and improve the quality in order to achieve a better conversion rate. In the following article we discuss the most important facts to build your “perfect” chatbot. If this is your first chatbot take a look at the magazine’s chatbot 101 guide. Personas: Understand and guide your users A successful chatbot is not characterized by the technology behind it, but by a well thought-out conversational design. We therefore have to put ourselves in the visitors’ shoes and adapt the flow of the conversations so that the chatbot delivers the appropriate answer as quickly as possible. Less

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Aleksandrina Vasileva

How are Chatbots Boosting Patient-Doctor Communication?

Isn’t it amazing that modern chatbots can make your life so much easier and improve your health status? Chatbots are a special type of software built with machine learning (ML) algorithms such as natural language processing (NLP) to help patients establish a faster connection with the right doctor. According to patients’ input, e.g. described symptoms, chatbots can successfully provide instant assistants or alleviate their chronic health conditions by sending alerts about daily pills intake.  From my experience working in a bespoke software development company, I learned the value of innovative technological solutions that change the way we communicate in the digital era. Especially during the Codvid-19 pandemic telehealth is not a far-fetched dream anymore. Instead, online healthcare services have proven invaluable as our world still goes through an unprecedented health crisis. To ensure they keep safe social distance, patients continuously seek medical help through online platforms.  Though the increased popularity

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Ashley Wilson

What to Consider Before Buying a Course on Chatbot Development

Chatbots have become a popular, cost-efficient solution that introduces automatization to a business wherever possible. The potential of chatbots is vast, from answering inquiries and managing bookings to improving customer experience and lowering business costs. While it makes perfect sense to sign up for a course about developing one, knowing how to distinguish between a quality course and a flawed one will save you a lot of time, helping you develop better chatbots for your business. Therefore, before choosing which chatbot development course to buy, this is what you should consider. The platform When buying an online course, the first thing you should consider is the legitimacy of the platform offering you the course. By legitimacy, we mean that the platform’s instructors are credible specialists with industry-backed knowledge, and that the platform will deliver a high-quality course experience it promised. There are several things you can do to check if

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Aarti Nair

Intelligent Content Processing for Chatbots

“Scientia potentia est or Knowledge is Power.” Whenever an enterprise is working with a large pool of data, the requirement arises for Intelligent Content Processing. Often, enterprise-sized organisations will have thousands of documents shared on Sharepoint or similar data hubs. But what good is data and content that is not in a usable format? This is where Intelligent Content Processing comes into play.  What is Intelligent Content Processing? Intelligent Content Processing via a Document Cognition engine is a way to process unstructured textual data. Document cognition leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive science, and natural language processing to index structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. When is Intelligent Content Processing via Document Cognition leveraged by a virtual assistant? When an enterprise is dealing with a massive quantity of documents containing mostly (>70%) text, it incredibly inefficient – and at times impossible – to convert this data into a structured format that

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Patrick Bailey

Are Virtual Girlfriends the Relationship of the Future?

The virtual girlfriend is here, thanks to a wide variety of programs and apps that will hook you up with the virtual love of your life. That raises many questions beyond which virtual girlfriend is the best. How does this technology work? Is it beneficial to the individual or society, or will it drive people farther from each other in real life? Can virtual girlfriends even save lives? What is a virtual girlfriend? The term virtual girlfriend can refer to a real person that you have an online or virtual relationship with. However, it’s usually referring to a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that mimics human interaction. Apps and computer programs are created using advanced AI technology. They provide a visual representation of a girl that you can customize to your liking. The visual is only a small part of the experience, however. The key aspect is that they communicate

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Conor Kostick

The Future of Chatbots and Conversational AI

On 3rd December 2020 Group Futurista hosted another insightful webinar under their FutureCast Series. In guiding the businesses through AI-based evolution, Group Futurista hosted the ‘Future of Chatbots and Conversational AI’ webinar. From their niches, the speakers presented how AI is an essential upgrade in their respective industries.  Presenting how AI-powered CX intelligence can help in automating the scale gap, David Lehman, COO & President at Birdeye illustrated some great points. The highlights include: Customers today rely more on their experience when interacting with products, AI & Chatbot Strategy the experience, and foundational gaps can be closed efficiently.   Intelligent Automation of businesses can assist businesses to reduce their scale gap.  Further in the webinar, Ashish Kulkarni from Standard Chartered Bank noted how Chatbots have become the new face of brands in the Banking Industry. Noting that: For delivering a seamless client experience, optimizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) becomes a priority.

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Branislav Srdanovic

Future of Chatbots and Conversational AI Web Summit

The COVID-19 pandemic completely ruined dozens of tech conferences, and that is why we are eager to partner with an incredible web event for chatbot and AI professionals.  In today’s highly competitive business environment, many companies and websites utilize conversational AI solutions to serve effective personalized services to their customers.The global conversational AI market is expected to grow to $15.7 billion by 2024 (with a 30.2 percent compound annual growth rate). This growth is due to the rising demand for AI-powered customer support services and a positive return on investment (ROI) for companies.Businesses need to be available 24/7, with instant and personalized services.This is where the conversational AI takes the center stage: delivering human-like conversations over any channel in any language. Bearing these points in mind, Group Futurista hosts its next webinar on The Future of Chatbots & Conversational AI to explore time-tested methods that harness the power of conversational

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Branislav Srdanovic

5 Programming Languages Chatbot Developers Should Know About

Responsive and prompt customer service ensures the satisfaction of your website visitors or your mobile app users. They expect all their answers to be found in one place and don’t wish to navigate through a maze of links and menus. In the past, live agents at customer support centers have acted as the one-stop point of contact for companies and that largely remains true today. This service, however, is increasingly augmented by IVRS systems that divert the calls to a dedicated team of agents. Online live chat also provides the same services, but in a more cost-effective way as a single agent can simultaneously handle multiple incoming requests. Moreover further reduce costs, increase responsiveness, provide round-the-clock and multilingual services, companies are integrating AI-enabled chatbots with their websites and apps.  Chatbots can:  Operate 24/7 with very little overhead cost. Guide users to the immediate information they need  Provide customer service from tracking

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