Pioneering Urban Planning Transformation with AI-Powered Chatbots: A Sri Lankan Experience

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By Amila Jayasinghe, Urban Simulation Lab, Department of Town & Country Planning, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka 

In the dynamic landscape of urban planning, the Urban Simulation Lab at the Department of Town and Country Planning, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka embarked on a groundbreaking initiative that unfolded at EXMO 2023, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka – the launch of an intelligent chatbot designed exclusively to revolutionize urban development. This innovative solution not only captivated spectators but also showcased its potential to fundamentally transform the approaches to urban planning.

Stage One: Commencement and Enhancement

At EXMO 2023, our chatbot seamlessly operated, impressing attendees and stakeholders with its technological prowess. The incorporation of participatory knowledge played a pivotal role in enhancing the chatbot’s complexity and efficacy. We actively gathered insights and feedback, refining its functionalities and underpinning an exhaustive paper that we subsequently published. This transparent sharing of knowledge demonstrated our commitment to openness and innovation. To ensure adaptability and relevance, we implemented a comprehensive training methodology, exposing the chatbot to real-life development plans from different districts in Sri Lanka.

Stage Two: Evolution into Chatbot 2.0

Building on the success of EXMO, we evolved into Chatbot 2.0, a paradigm shift in urban planning assistance. Harnessing the power of Hugging Chat, an advanced Large Language Model, we carefully selected frameworks and APIs, enabling our chatbot to conduct extensive web searches for more nuanced responses. We fine-tuned response filters, conducted exhaustive testing, and introduced a user-friendly GUI, along with the “Pro Planning Mode” for advanced functionalities. Customizing a specialized chatbot for the Port City exemplified our commitment to tailored solutions for diverse urban entities.

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Chatbot Customized for Port City

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Stage Three: Forging the Future with Disaster-Ready Chatbots

On December 29th, 2023, the SmartMind team operating within the Urban Simulation Lab at the Department of Town and Country Planning, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka convened a significant meeting along with Manchester University, UK, and NBRO (National Building Research Organization), supported through a grant furnished by Manchester University.

The primary agenda revolved around crafting a tailored Chatbot leveraging Artificial Intelligence methodologies. This Chatbot aims to address.

  • specific disaster scenarios
  • placing a fundamental emphasis on disaster risk management
  • early warning dissemination
  • evacuation protocols
  • building and construction details
  • pertinent risk-related information

The Chatbot’s training will encompass a diverse range of data to aid in landslide situations.

The core objective behind developing institution-specific Chatbots lies in empowering these tools to efficiently manage extensive tasks within constrained timeframes. This approach seeks to alleviate the reliance on specific officials, enabling individuals within institutions to adeptly handle and respond promptly to situations.

Empowering Institutions: Specialized Chatbots

Our philosophy centers around empowering institutions with specialized chatbots, serving as adept allies capable of handling extensive tasks efficiently. To extend our commitment, we invite collaborations to tailor our services, creating personalized chatbots for individuals and institutions alike.

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities:

As we continue our journey, we extend an invitation to collaborate. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive assistance, addressing diverse needs effectively. The future of urban planning has arrived, ushering in an era where AI-driven chatbots stand as vanguards of innovation and efficiency. Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our cutting-edge technology to shape personalized chatbots for your unique requirements. Together, let’s shape tomorrow’s cities through technology and collaboration.

(Core Team Members: Amila Jayasinghe, Farasath Hasan, Lahiru Kaveesha, Sandaruwan Sankalpa, Sahan Sathsarana, Chethika Abenayake, Niroshan Sanjaya and Malith Deshan)