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  • 5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Embrace Data

    5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Embrace Data

    Every business, regardless of industry or size, needs insights to succeed. And data now plays a vital role when looking to understand an intended audience and consumer preferences. When presented and analysed properly, utilizing data can provide actionable information organisations can use to achieve their goals. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons […]

  • Chatbot Coaches Will Become our Motivators

    How and Why Chatbot Coaches Will Become our Motivators

    Chatbot coaches have the power to act as life partners in assisting people achieve certain goals. Need to talk to someone to get that motivation you want? Would you benefit from reminders delivered when you need them via chat? Chatbot coaching is the latest and most effective way to stay motivated.‍ How do coaching chatbots […]

  • Escape Room AI

    Escape Room AI

    Are you looking for some fun and modern games to play with your friends? Escape Room AI is the perfect blend of modern technology and original fun. These rooms are specially designed to make for the perfect group activity. Mixed with the inventive formulation of escape rooms and technological advancements, escape room AI is something […]

  • Sext Chat Technology: AI, Chatbots, and More

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    Sex technology has exploded over the past decade—and it’s changing the way we view sex and human interaction. It wasn’t that long ago when online dating was viewed as a last resort, reserved only for those who hadn’t found anyone in real life. Now,nearly half of the population believes that in fifty years, having sex […]

  • Multilingual Chatbots: 5 Tips from Translation Company Experts

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    What is a multilingual chatbot? A multilingual chatbot is a chat application that can converse with users using multiple languages. It is a bot in the sense that it does not rely on an operator to give out responses to users. It gives out the replies automatically, based on the queries of the users. It […]

  • Regulating AI: It’s Time to Lay Down the Law on Enterprise Bot Use

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    Bots have become a crucial component in driving our real-time economy forward. By now it is clear to all that the use of bots will only grow in the coming years. With the help of bots, businesses can be more agile, make better decisions, provide superior customer experience, and boost overall efficiency. However, as they […]