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  • The Reasons for Chatbot Failures

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    Chatbots are lead generators, help desks, customer services, reinforcements for brand recognition and so on… but what if customers intentionally avoid talking to your bot? What are the reasons for chatbot failures? What are the biggest impediments for them to interact with your precisely designed “colleague”? How to overcome the bias against chatbots that results […]

  • Chatbot Testing: Why Chatbots Are the Future of Software Testing

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    The launch of world-changing software begins with effective software testing. For years, companies have experimented with various manual and automated processes to help pinpoint potential inefficiencies in their technology. Now, many experts agree that using AI and chatbots in software testing will transform the way we analyze our technology for good. Already, we’ve begun to […]

  • How Emotion Analytics Is Powering The Next Generation of Chatbots

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    The advancement in AI has led to many innovations in chatbots. The recent inclusion of emotion or sentiment analysis is one such example that has significantly changed how the customer communication system is perceived.  Chatbots are commonly used for sales, customer support, and ecommerce marketing. However, their applications are increasing in other segments as well. […]

  • Use Chatbots to Unify Your Customer Communication Strategy

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    A customer calls your customer service line. While on hold, he fires off an email and opens up a support ticket through your website. Before a customer support rep can get back to him, he’s tweeting at you, or posting on your Facebook wall, or both. Each one of these interactions shows up in your […]

  • Сhatbot Digital Marketing: All You Need To Know

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    For the past decades, artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies have been rapidly and constantly developing. They are no longer a new unknown phenomenon even for simple folks, as they have found their applications in the most common areas of our daily life. Chatbots have become a go-to tool for marketers to support their digital marketing […]

  • Free eCommerce Automation Tools To Skyrocket Your Sales

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    With the increasing dependence on the internet, social media, and mobile phones, the marketing landscape has largely shifted from traditional methods to make way for what we popularly know as “eCommerce.” As new and innovative marketing methods are on the rise, the eCommerce industry is flourishing and businesses can now reach a wider audience base, […]