Chatbot Coaches Will Become our Motivators

How and Why Chatbot Coaches Will Become our Motivators

Chatbot coaches have the power to act as life partners in assisting people achieve certain goals. Need to talk to someone to get that motivation you want? Would you benefit from reminders delivered when you need them via chat? Chatbot coaching is the latest and most effective way to stay motivated.‍

How do coaching chatbots work?

Whatever device the user prefers e.g. a smart phone or watch, the coaching chatbot delivers motivation according to the goals set by the user. Skilled AI developers with a certificate in artificial intelligence create the chatbot backend, while the user hears the motivational information delivered in an interactive fashion. A really smart coaching chatbot can detect frustration or delight and a whole range of emotions in between and deliver a human-like response.

Types of Chatbot Coaches

Here are the major types of chatbot coaches that we can see are proving their worth and are set to grow in the future:

1 – Financial coaches 

In the finance industry, chatbots are usually used to improve operational efficiency and ensure there is task automation. Chatbots in the finance industry prove to be an essential asset in reducing customer inconveniences and enhancing customer experience with financial systems. But increasingly they are helping customers manage their finances.

A chatbot coach can alert customers to their monthly spend, keep track of when bills are due, reward prudent account management with praise and badges as well as check balances and make payments.

This is why many finance companies are looking forward to adopting conversational AI to add more value to their customers. Chatbot coaches are also used in fraud detection, alerting the customer to any unexpected transactions.

2 – Health and wellness chatbot coaches 

Chatbots are used in the healthcare coaching industry. Today, patients can find a chatbot therapist that will handle their needs right in the comfort of their coach. Chatbots in the healthcare industry are used in the following ways.

  • Scheduling appointments: Patents can book an appointment with doctors on the chatbot. Some AI chatbots can also assign a doctor to a patient and send the doctor an email with patient information. It can also go as far as creating a slot in the doctors’ calendar.
  • Checking patient symptoms: A chatbot can detect patients’ illnesses by asking them simple questions and analyzing their patient history.
  • You can use chatbots to answer some of the most common questions that most patients might be calling to inquire from their doctor about their health and wellness.
  • Help with therapy: Therapy chatbots can help patients with mental illness. Most conversational chatbots have been programmed to learn cognitive behavioral therapy and help patients. However, a chatbot health coach should not replace a licensed therapist.

3 – Fitness coaches 

You can use a fitness chatbot coach to take your workout to the next level. If you find it difficult to stick to a regular workout routine, a chatbot is all you need to remain on the right track. Also, if you have a gym, you can use a chatbot to keep people coming.

Most people have issues being acquainted with the various gym equipment and exercise. You can use a chatbot to create a workout guide for gym-goers.

Whether it is improving endurance, building muscles, or losing fat, chatbot coaching will help develop a workout plan and a nutrition plan that trainees should follow.

4 – Life coaches 

Chatbots are becoming more popular in the life coaching industry. Today, when individuals don’t have people to turn to and address their issues, they can talk to AI chatbots for cognitive support. We have seen students talking to chatbots when they feel like they don’t have anyone to counsel them. You can start a conversation with a chatbot and continue later with a professional.

In life coaching, chatbots provide tutorial guidance to students, revision, coursework, social advice, and many others. A chatbot life coach has become a common trend. With many life coach apps available online, most people can now find help anytime when faced with social problems and they need help.

5 – Chatbot Coaches for Dating 

Technology is shaping life by changing how we meet and interact with others. With the emergence of dating-apps bots, it is now easy to find love right in the comfort of your smartphone. Chatbot coaches can help teach users the art of flriting and sexting in a fun and rewarding series of conversational exchanges.

There is a downside to chatbots in the dating world though, because chatbots are becoming so good at flirting that some websites use them to simulate chatting with users and give a false impression of how many potential partners are interested in you.

Chatbots are increasingly advanced in mimicking human conversational patterns. Some dating sites have been used to scam users by utilizing natural language processing.

A motivational chatbot coach for dating, on the other hand, is quite different and entirely positive. It can help fill the void for lonely singles and make it easier for people to find love. It can be used to learn the art of flirting and conversing with others; most people use dating apps to improve their communication skills. Some of the most popular dating apps you can use to find dates include Tinder, OutChat, and OkCupid.

Final Thoughts on Chatbot Coaches

In all these examples, the chatbot coach is not just of value to the user, but can be a new pathway for a business to reach its customer. User experience and engagement is a priority to most organizations and small businesses. To ensure customers remain loyal to their brands, most businesses now focus on employing chatbots to improve engagement and UX online.  

Chatbots coaches can ensure that loyalty by providing the business service in a motivation and genuinely helpful way to the user. The appreciation of the user for an easy-to-use conversation service, not only in finance, but in other sectors like health, life coaching, fitness, and dating can take brand loyalty to a whole new level. Businesses should be thinking about how they can provide coaching chatbots to help their customers.