Meet The Team

Meet The ChatBot Team

Our goal is this magazine is to provide worthwhile, thoughtful and entertaining content about everything to do with the astonishing growth in chatbot technology.

Our interests are wide, eclectic and not partisan. Anything and everything to do with AI, NLP, robotics and conversational software will be covered here by our team of expert writers. We also very much welcome discussion from you, our readers and hope that this is where the chatbot community can find resources, inspiration and answers.

Conor Kostick ChatBot Author
Conor Kostick
An Irish writer and editor, Conor began his writing career as a Science Fiction author, with a particular interest in online games and virtual reality. It’s perhaps no wonder then that he was drawn towards writing about an exciting and innovative technology that is going to have just as profound an effect on the way the world works than the best imagined futures by Sci-Fi authors.
Branislav Srdanovic

Freelance chatbot developer, who always emphasizes practicality, user experience and usefulness of chatbots and passionately writes about automation, A.I. and the improvements the latest tech can bring to big and small enterprises.

Chris Knight - features writer
Chris Knight
Chief Feature Writer

Chris Knight writes about where technology will take us next, from the power of neural networks, artificial intelligence and chatbots, to the endless worlds promised by augmented and virtual reality. From the latest in gadgets and hardware to how digital businesses can use technology to grow, Chris makes the future clear and understandable to all.

Jussy Jussy - feature writer
Jussy Jussy
Feature Writer

Jussy Jussy is an IT specialist and holds a Masters in communication. She writes to open the blind eye.

Joe Crawford Chatbot Author
Joe Crawford
Feature Writer
Joe is a Copywriter with a wealth of experience in Chatbot strategies, builds and implementations. He has written for numerous online publications, and has crafted Chatbots for Adidas, Reebok, Pandora and many more.
Lorcan Teichne Feature Writer
Lorcan Teichne
Feature Writer
Lorcan is an IT engineer and a specialist in AI and Robotics based in Barcelona, Spain. He worked for the European Space Agency and then decided to devote himself to writing articles to spread knowledge about new AI technologies.
profile photo, Adriaan Brits
Adriaan Brits
Feature Writer
Adriaan Brits is the CEO of Sitetrail Media. He has trained more than 200 000 marketing staff for Linkedin Learning. He advises companies on marketing automation, PPC and other media decisions. Adriaan was an early adopter of chatbot technology and AI.

Oisin Muldowney
Feature Writer

Oisin is a software engineer based in Galway, Ireland with a special interest in chatbots. He is the author of Chatbots: An Introduction And Easy Guide To Making Your Own.