Author: Joe Crawford

  • How Santa Chatbots Can Help You Sell More This Christmas

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    With the Christmas season getting closer, now’s a great time to start thinking about how Chatbots can enhance your Christmas-related e-commerce strategy. If you’re looking to sell more while also delivering a neat experience for customers, a Santa Chatbot can be a big winner. From customer service to delivering new content, customers will enjoy the […]

  • The Best Chatbot Conferences of 2019 & 2020

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    With so much happening in the Chatbot ecosystem, conferences are a great way to stay current and check out some of the best chat bots. From Chatbot technology to Chatbot conversations to conversational ai to chatbot customer service, there’s something every industry worker can learn. Here’s a helpful list of chatbot conference 2019 and 2020. […]

  • Sports Provide One of the Best Chatbot Use Cases

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    As an industry, sports has shifted to see the advantages that technology can bring. Cameras and sensors are used to track movements and find opportunities. New, more nuanced statistics can be observed and analyzed. Even something as simple as buying tickets has been entirely reinvented. It’s logical, then, that a new technology like Chatbots has […]

  • Why You Should Build a Chatbot with NLP

    chatbot with nlp, nlp, natural language processing

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a powerful tool that Chatbot builders can use to add a human element to conversations and help reduce user frustration. NLP is, however, much more than just that and exists as a technology that’s become ingrained in our daily lives while also hiding in plain sight. What is NLP? NLP […]

  • Artificial Intelligence: What Is AI & Where Is It Going?

    Artificial Intelligence: What Is AI & Where Is It Going?

    We examine what AI is, how it started, how we’re interacting with it, and where it’s headed. As you’ll see, the future of AI is much brighter than what the Silver Screen has predicted.