Author: Lorcan Teichne

  • Chatbots to Treat Anxiety and Depression

    Chatbots to Treat Anxiety and Depression

    Nowadays, a major concern of mental health doctors regarding traditional therapeutic approaches (such as visiting the doctor’s office) is that they are confronted with a new phenomenon, specific to our time: the desocialization of their patients, especially the younger ones. Indeed, they grew up in a world where they were much more in contact with […]

  • Using Chat Interface for Mental Health Interventions

    Conversations via instant messaging interfaces (also known as “chats”) are generating more and more interest in mental health care. A study even shows that it has equivalent results to “treatment as usual”, so they might be added to mental health doctors’ toolkit.  Indeed, this approach offers two significant benefits over face-to-face interventions (although obviously, the […]

  • Chatbots Will Save Billions In The Banking & Finance Industries

    chatbots save millions for companies

    Major advances in the efficiency of chatbots, and the trust placed in them by the users will save companies billions of dollars in the future

  • How HR See Chatbots

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    A study conducted in 2018, entitled “The chatbots observatory”, interviewed several hundred human resources managers about their perception of chatbots. The results of this study, conducted by a natural language processing editor, Do You Dream Up, have just been published. They are compared with the results of another study from the same observatory that interviewed […]

  • Comparison of the Best Chatbot Creation Platforms

    mobile phone, smartphone, design, UX design, chatbot

    You already know chatbots and you know that you want to use one for the service you offer, but you don’t know how to create one, or which tool to use? You have come to the right place! There are now several websites that allow you to create your own chatbot and broadcast it on […]

  • What Research Can Tell Us About Chatbots

    chatbot perspectives, bots perspectives, chatbot research, bot research, bot, bots, research chatbot, research bot

    Chatbots are a growing research topic. In the spotlight since the advances in artificial intelligence in recent decades, conversational agents (CAs) constitute a part of the scientific literature, in the fields of information systems, computer science and human-computer interactions, among others. Here we will establish the lessons we can learn from these studies to create […]