Author: Chris Knight

  • InsurTech Bounces Back With Fresh Bots and AI

    insurance chatbot, AI, bots

    After the COVID interruption, worldwide insurtech funding efforts bounced back in Q2 reaching over $1.5 billion as the market looks for more efficient use cases, while new market leaders like Lemonade continue to show the old guard how things should be done. When Lemonade launched in the US during 2015, it started a trend or […]

  • Help Your Business to Overcome the Chatbot Gap

    chatbot gap

    As a business, when was your chatbot last updated, or when did you last consider adopting a bot? As a user, how many sites have you come across with a bot that felt like it was developed years ago and hasn’t been improved since? The conversational technology behind bots has come a long way in […]

  • Understanding and Meeting the Risks of AI Adoption

    AI risk, killer bot, killer robot

    You wouldn’t install a network without a firewall, you wouldn’t let staff work remotely without a VPN and you really shouldn’t adopt AI tools without thinking of the risks and consequences. See what the latest research says your business should think about before bringing AI services to power the company. Chatbots, analytics tools, security apps, […]

  • Innovation Managers Look to Chatbots and AI for Quick Wins


    The role of innovation manager has taken on fresh importance as businesses seek to recover from COVID. Their fresh insights are backed by the use of AI and chatbot technology to help create new business value while improving processes and preparing for the future. Tasked with improving the ways companies work, innovation managers are at […]

  • Chatbots: A Key Tool for Digital Business Change and Continuity

    chatrbot, business, analytics

    The Coronavirus outbreak demonstrated how unprepared many businesses are for dramatic changes that impact the company and workers. Chatbots proved one of the digital stars of the outbreak, along with collaboration and meeting tools, helping companies keep their workers and customers up to date as part of continuity efforts. The next big business outage could […]

  • Chatbot Stats and Growing AI Usage Makes Business Adoption Inevitable

    AI adoption, business, chatbots

    The COVID crisis saw a huge rise in use cases and adoption of chatbots and AI, hammering home the benefits in crystal clear HD for businesses and governments working under pressure. As the restart gathers pace, adoption will continue as companies look to do more with less, and as the benefits of bots are more […]