Author: Chris Knight

  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Why You Would Need One Or The Other?

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    How can you tell if your company should go with a chatbot or virtual assistant? What are the differences? Will your customers know or care? In the increasingly mixed-up world of digital help, here’s how to figure out what’s best on the road to the ultimate digital concierge. From the first chatbots in the mid-90s […]

  • Automate Your Blog Content – Processes for Better Engagement

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    In a world seemingly dominated by live blog videos, YouTube content and a focus on no-filter Instagram posts, it can be easy to overlook the humble blog as one of the most useful tools for a business to engage with customers, prospects and clients. Blog automation can help provide content ideas and turn a single […]

  • When Should You Not Use Chatbots?

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    Chatbots are a popular business solution for customer services and many other use cases. But there are some times when a chatbot is not an appropriate way of engaging with customers, so consider these points before adopting a bot for your business or service. Back in 2017, chatbots had a failure rate of 70%. In […]

  • Shopping Chatbot – Your Internet Shopping Agent Is Already Here

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    Artificial intelligence in ecommerce is fast moving beyond current stock recommendations, with a growing number of use cases driven by conversational shopping chatbots and tools that provide a better view of, and relationship, with the customer. If the growth in online shopping wasn’t clear enough, the results after the COVID crisis will demonstrate just how […]

  • How to Respond to the Recent Bot Changes in Facebook Messenger

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    Facebook continues on its busy way of trying to influence global opinion and keeps mucking around with its apps to change how users share their updates. Recently, the service was busy rolling out an iOS update to Facebook Messenger, with some major changes and implications for bot users. Here’s what the reactions are, and what […]

  • Chatbots Thrive in the IT/OT and IoT Worlds

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    The highly automated nature of the Internet of Things and environments where businesses are aligning their IT and operational technologies is perfect ground for chatbots to assist in bringing alerts and decision making to executives and managers in a hurry. Around the world factories are fast deploying a new generation of production technologies based around […]