Author: Adriaan Brits

  • After Years of Google Updates, Now SEO and Content Has to Be Aligned in a Better Way

    google, desktop, mobile

    In full-funnel marketing, each and every aspect of the user-experience has to be tweaked for optimal results. Nobody has seen more proof of how well this works than our chatbot specialists who work behind the scene to serve all the new leads that are being generated as a result of a well-planned marketing operation. Several […]

  • The Importance of Video Content in the Dialogue of Marketing Chatbots

    youtube, A.I.

    A prospect watches his favorite Youtube video. A highly relevant ad comes along that is better than the video they watch, they visit the landing page and the next thing you know, a chatbot closes the deal and process their card details. This is a story all too familiar for us who work behind the […]

  • Modern Marketers and Digital Accessibility

    digital marketing

    One of the things we always look at when adding intelligent chatbots to the marketing team is overall digital accessibility: an essential consideration in order to improve both UX and customer satisfaction. This then leads to better conversion rates without a doubt. When marketers talk about digital accessibility then they imply the creation of an […]