The Importance of Video Content in the Dialogue of Marketing Chatbots

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A prospect watches his favorite Youtube video. A highly relevant ad comes along that is better than the video they watch, they visit the landing page and the next thing you know, a chatbot closes the deal and process their card details. This is a story all too familiar for us who work behind the scenes with chatbots and analytics. So how good has video advertising become to feed the sales funnel?

There is ample evidence that businesses can benefit tremendously from video advertising which is making use of the best tricks and tools available today. The fact is that YouTube videos should absolutely be part of your marketing efforts. Extensive research has been done over the last couple of years which has discovered that over 80% of consumers have made the decision to purchase after watching a video which has been released by a business. There has been a tremendous increase in video marketing in the recent past. Many businesses have already discovered the tremendous benefits of video marketing. According to statistics, almost 90% of businesses are now making use of this technology. The fact that businesses are using video marketing is well-established. But even more importantly they are now doing it much more effectively. The majority of marketers who have been interviewed has indicated that they receive an excellent ROI from their efforts with video marketing.

The reality is that when used correctly video marketing provides businesses with an excellent way to increase the presence of their brand. It is even possible to work SEO into those videos. The most important aspect of video marketing is the need to ensure that the content is always of the highest possible quality. This has become an increasingly competitive environment and the quality of content has increased tremendously just in the last 12 months. However, looking at those statistics could create serious doubts in the minds of marketers and business owners. This is totally unnecessary because there are many ways in which businesses and marketers can create high-quality content. This can result in video marketing which will effectively accomplish all of the objectives which your business might have. There are so many different kinds of video types which can be used by businesses and marketers. One popular strategy is to use educational videos which have been found to be an excellent way to nurture trust between the consumer and the business.

Another frequently used strategy is to provide the consumer with video guides which will tell them a lot more about your products. When dealing with new subscribers or potential subscribers it is also useful to make use of video which can provide them with a lot of information about your brand and the business in general. Storytelling which relates to your specific brand is an excellent way to connect emotionally with your target audience. This can allow a marketer or a business owner to focus on a lot more than just the benefits of the product or service. You are now able to visually display the lifestyle which is possible when that product or service is used. When your video tells a story which presents the consumer with a clear indication of the value of the product or the service then this can be very beneficial to your business. Video reviews are another excellent way to introduce your product or service to your customer. It allows you to share a lot more information and also to visually compare your product or service with that of the competition. This can often clinch that deal.

Video ads are improving year after year. As automated sales solutions exceed the capabilities of humans, we can pretty much get ready to see how videos and chatbots work together in one ecosystem to drive conversions, customer delight and various other benefits.

When one looks back over the last couple of years since the time that chatbots were first introduced. Then it can be clearly seen that the genuine breakthrough occurred when media content was implemented which was able to generate an emotional response during conversations. One example is those funny GIFs which has been integrated into messaging systems and on other platforms every time when a satisfactory action has been taken. The reality is that anything which is able to generate a certain amount of excitement during interaction with AI systems is going to result in better user experiences. Many people might ask why don’t we see more of these things and unfortunately one answer is the problem of cost. Although there is free content available, this is mostly low-level stuff. People, therefore, have only two choices, purchase expensive video content or start to generate your own. Nevertheless, succeeding in this endeavor will most definitely result in much better user experience. This will ensure better engagement with the target market which will convert to more profits for the business.

When you are able to produce a video which is generating an emotional response from the consumer then this is mostly an excellent way to create a strong relationship. It is also being proven that people might forget words and written information. They will be very unlikely to forget an impressive image or high-quality video content which has been professionally edited. The question that many people will ask is how exactly does one go about to produce video content which is suitable for use with chatbots. Success in this area may require a lot of research and one will have to look at the methods which have been used by professional creative agencies. There might also be examples of things which have been done by video production companies. All of this information can provide businesses with some ideas of how they should proceed.

One of the best places to start as far as video content for chatbots are concerned is to clearly define your objectives. You need to decide what exactly you might want to achieve. This might be able to provide you with an idea of the kind of challenges which you might have to face. Many of the current chatbot strategies make use of somewhat boring dialogue. There are in many cases limits to the vocabulary which has been programmed into those systems. All of this can be changed by using video content which will be able to tell a compelling story. This would encourage and motivate people to spend considerably more time with your chatbot. A relatively boring conversation are now turning to something meaningful and very interesting. Every business has a story which is special and which could be very interesting to the consumer. The challenge is to tell that story to your target audience in such a way that they will be able to associate with the experiences of your business. This is a very strong foundation on which to build a strong relationship.

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