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  • Free eCommerce Automation Tools To Skyrocket Your Sales

    ecommerce app, bot

    With the increasing dependence on the internet, social media, and mobile phones, the marketing landscape has largely shifted from traditional methods to make way for what we popularly know as “eCommerce.” As new and innovative marketing methods are on the rise, the eCommerce industry is flourishing and businesses can now reach a wider audience base, […]

  • Conversational AI and Psychology: Personalised Automated Brand Interactions

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    Remember when you had to visit a bank personally to make money transfers or find out about your bank balance? Fortunately, internet banking and mobile banking apps came into existence and dispensed the requirement of visiting a branch for basic banking transactions. Banking has evolved further with conversational AI (chatbots powered by artificial intelligence technology), […]

  • How to Create and Build Your Perfect Chatbot

    How to Create a Chatbot

    The first thing we need to know: There is no such thing as the perfect chatbot!  Even in the creation of a chatbot, there is no best practice guide. Every chatbot behaves differently, depending on the purpose, topic coverage and the target group. In general, however, there are various ways to build a chatbot and […]

  • How are Chatbots Boosting Patient-Doctor Communication?

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    Isn’t it amazing that modern chatbots can make your life so much easier and improve your health status? Chatbots are a special type of software built with machine learning (ML) algorithms such as natural language processing (NLP) to help patients establish a faster connection with the right doctor. According to patients’ input, e.g. described symptoms, […]

  • What to Consider Before Buying a Course on Chatbot Development

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    Chatbots have become a popular, cost-efficient solution that introduces automatization to a business wherever possible. The potential of chatbots is vast, from answering inquiries and managing bookings to improving customer experience and lowering business costs. While it makes perfect sense to sign up for a course about developing one, knowing how to distinguish between a […]

  • Intelligent Content Processing for Chatbots

    robot, content, AI, android

    “Scientia potentia est or Knowledge is Power.” Whenever an enterprise is working with a large pool of data, the requirement arises for Intelligent Content Processing. Often, enterprise-sized organisations will have thousands of documents shared on Sharepoint or similar data hubs. But what good is data and content that is not in a usable format? This […]