Global Chatbot Marketing Predictions For 2022-2024

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Chatbots are quite a widespread implementation now in various industries. Due to the evolving technology, conversation tools are the new norm in ecommerce nowadays. 

The ease of customer handling, 24/7 availability, and positive reviews have raised interest among different industry sectors to adopt different live chat solutions such as EngageBay along with chatbot integration to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the customers.  

Here is the list of some of the latest global chatbot marketing predictions for the reality check.

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The journey of chatbots for marketing has just started and is showing incredible acceptance in the market and among the customers. With the maturing market, the intelligent and capable conversational AI chatbot platforms are going to be the primary medium for customer service. Considering the stats above chatbots are the future of customer services in 2022 and beyond for sure.