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  • Chatbot Testing: the ultimate business overview

    chatbot testing with Botium

    Like most people in other technical fields, at Botium we can easily get carried away with what we are currently building, cherishing the tiniest details we carefully thought out and already focusing on future improvements. Our thoughts are constantly revolving around technical jargons and often getting the automatic stigma of being too technical. Although this […]

  • Sext Chat Technology: AI, Chatbots, and More

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    Sex technology has exploded over the past decade—and it’s changing the way we view sex and human interaction. It wasn’t that long ago when online dating was viewed as a last resort, reserved only for those who hadn’t found anyone in real life. Now,nearly half of the population believes that in fifty years, having sex […]

  • Multilingual Chatbots: 5 Tips from Translation Company Experts

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    What is a multilingual chatbot? A multilingual chatbot is a chat application that can converse with users using multiple languages. It is a bot in the sense that it does not rely on an operator to give out responses to users. It gives out the replies automatically, based on the queries of the users. It […]

  • The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit 2022

    EU Chatbot Summit 2022

    Join us @ The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit 2022 to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland Online & Hybrid  www.theeuropeanchatbot.com. 2nd edition of The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit is a two-day conference and exhibition designed to host industry executives, and adopters of Conversational AI, Chatbots, Virtual assistant, Voice technology, Conversational Commerce and Conversation design. […]

  • Global Chatbot Marketing Predictions For 2022-2024

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    Chatbots are quite a widespread implementation now in various industries. Due to the evolving technology, conversation tools are the new norm in ecommerce nowadays.  The ease of customer handling, 24/7 availability, and positive reviews have raised interest among different industry sectors to adopt different live chat solutions such as EngageBay along with chatbot integration to […]

  • Chatbot Testing: Why Chatbots Are the Future of Software Testing

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    The launch of world-changing software begins with effective software testing. For years, companies have experimented with various manual and automated processes to help pinpoint potential inefficiencies in their technology. Now, many experts agree that using AI and chatbots in software testing will transform the way we analyze our technology for good. Already, we’ve begun to […]