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  • Chatbots and AI Will Dominate Future Supply Chains to Improve Crisis Response

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    Retailers love to burble on about how cool and smart their supply chains are, yet come a crisis like COVID-19, toilet roll and hand sanitizer are suddenly rarer than strong political leadership. The truth is, the weak link remains with the in-store reporting of sales back to local or regional HQ and an inability to […]

  • Does Your Business Need A Phone in 2020?

    mobile phones, people, bots

    Phones are a blessing and a curse in modern business. They enable the personal touch, but at the wrong time (and any time can be a wrong one when we’re all busy), they can sap productivity and annoy your customers more than they add value, especially with chatbots and other tools taking up the slack. […]

  • Chatbots: From Customer Support, Advisor to Concierge or Sexbot – Set the Right Tone!

    robot, bot, handshake, tone, conversation

    Whatever your chatbot, just because its a robot, doesn’t mean it has to be robotic. Bots need a personality to engage customers and a tone of voice that resonates with the audience. From the voice of reason to a cheeky marketing character, getting the mix and tone right is essential to successful outcomes and keeping […]

  • Business Growth in Chatbot and Robotic Automation Highlights a Fresh Decade of Efficiency

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    Chatbots and RPA are not new technologies, but their growing adoption among business and enterprise shows others the value in time and revenue savings. Creating a more efficient business can be done simply thanks to these tools, but where in the organization and how are key questions to answer. Chatbots are well known for their […]

  • Keeping AI Real: Find a Great Name for Your Chatbot

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    You’ve got a great bot, but what are you going to call it? When it comes to personalization, does being a ‘him’ or ‘her’ matter, and what type of chatbot names work well for customers? Computer programs have had names since the dawn of operating systems and compilers. But they had strange monikers like Quattro […]

  • 5 Chatbot and AI Trends for 2020

    2020, trends, ai, chatbot

    The stats continue to show chatbots on the rise and AI becoming a growing force in how businesses operate. But in 2020, things will accelerate even faster, as the technology becomes more accessible and the benefits clearer across a wider number of markets and uses. Chatbots and AI are advancing so fast, they’ve already ploughed […]