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  • 5 Reasons Why Chatbot Coaches Will Dominate the Personal Support Industry

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    Wellness and financial sanity-check coaches are already flocking to app stores, heralding a huge rise in the use of chatbots as part of the booming “advice” category. The lure of charging customers for using them via subscriptions, or for a business to automate the “wellness” part of their HR system makes a compelling case. Having […]

  • Chatbots: the Travel Agent’s Best Friend

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    Travel agents ask, or are asked, the same few questions millions of times per year, making them the ideal business to be transformed by a chatbot. Let it do the “beach or touring, snow or city break” questions and save your efforts for the key interactions with your customers. The travel industry remains a cutthroat […]

  • Chatbots Grow into Sales and Marketing Tools

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    The evolution of chatbots from a customer support tool continues as retailers, events, hotels, airlines and other sales-focused businesses seek to claw back some of the trade lost to scalpers, scrapers and comparison sites. The wide range of ways to buy almost any product online creates confusion, brand dilution and further moves the consumer away […]

  • Customer Service Is Boosted When the Bot Is Always Right

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    Customer loyalty is changing, and marketing isn’t always getting the message right when it comes to building an appealing brand. Instead, practical efforts like chatbots, apps and AI-powered services all help to deliver what the customer needs. Marketers perennial panic about the loyalty of their customers is often based on old or plain false information. […]

  • The Smart Future of Chatbots and Self-Service Customer Support

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    As customers have more ways to get in touch with their bank, local government, favourite brand or other business, the move to self-service support is a natural step for most high-volume companies. But how to prepare your customers for the step, and monitoring how they react are key issues in making it a success, and […]

  • Toward the Systematic Evaluation of Chatbots


    Currently, the best method for evaluating chatbots relies on humans, but the lack of standardization can make this difficult. Six people at the University of Pennsylvania are working to solve this problem. They have developed a unified system to evaluate chatbots that augments current tools and also provides an online hub for chatbot developers to […]