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  • Chatbots Play a Key Role in Digital Marketing

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    The role of digital marketers in driving traditional efforts and autonomous digital marketing are increasingly focused on mobility and social media, as new, or updated, ways to engage. Among the package of technology available to them, chatbots, augmented reality and apps stand out as high profile and distinctive ways to attract attention and keep your […]

  • Vertical Bots See Investment and Partnerships Boom

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    The chatbot market, like much of technology, sees major brands trying to dominate among a host of niche, startup and market-specific players. Yet, as chatbots become a key tool for many, business is always easier if the developers talk your own lingo. That’s why vertical specific bots are a big hit for airlines, hotels, industries […]

  • What Research Can Tell Us About Chatbots

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    Chatbots are a growing research topic. In the spotlight since the advances in artificial intelligence in recent decades, conversational agents (CAs) constitute a part of the scientific literature, in the fields of information systems, computer science and human-computer interactions, among others. Here we will establish the lessons we can learn from these studies to create […]

  • Branding Your Chatbot for the Right Audience

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    Chatbots for marketers, brands, and companies provide a fast and efficient response to a range of questions about a service or product. In most markets, however, consumers remain unsure or cautious. To that end, careful branding is required to get the right message across, and give your bot the right voice. Small Names for Big […]