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  • Chatbots and the Arts Show a Different Side to Technology

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    From L.S Lowry’s industrial paintings to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis from endless sci-fi comics and stories to movies, the arts help play a major part in setting the landscape for the future of technology and the general population. See how “AI: More than Human” presents the world of bots and other AI-powered systems to the non-tech […]

  • Four Ways in Which Chatbots Can Help the Hotel Industry    

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    Chatbots have the power to impact and transform the hotel industry Chatbots are the topic of discussion in every hotel conference and hospitality article. This is because of what they can accomplish for the industry. Listing it out, chatbots can – Completely redefine a hotel’s guest experience by engaging the guest in totally unique ways. […]

  • Are Personal Chatbots the Future?

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    Chatbots have been around for decades, but they’ve recently garnered more attention as they become better and used even more. When Facebook opened up their Messenger API in 2016, it led to hundreds of thousands of bots over the next two years. Early chatbots were (and many still are) quite generic and impersonal. Yet the […]

  • How Human Does Your Bot Need To Be? Science Says Not Much!

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    Recent research suggests that going for the all-singing, trying-to-be-friendly, almost-human bot isn’t the best way to go for most use cases. So, just how much banter or empathy should your bot show? That’s a key design decision to make when building chatbots. Bots can express themselves in three basic ways, They can deliver the basic […]

  • 6 Key Questions Your Business Needs to Answer Before Launching a Chatbot in 2019

    Chatbots are a growing trend among businesses, helping with customer services, bookings and sales. But among all the hype any company planning to launch one needs to answer some key questions before committing to a project. Consider these around the boardroom or planning table before taking off. What will we do with our chatbot? Without […]

  • Chatbots Helping to Make Your World a Better Place

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    Chatbots are rapidly spreading out of the customer service and business sector into personal health, self-improvement, charity, and environmental markets. Who better to ask how you can help improve your wellbeing or save the planet than a chatbot? A few years ago, every piece of advice came in the form of a flyer or pamphlet, […]