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  • Chatbot Testing: Why Chatbots Are the Future of Software Testing

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    The launch of world-changing software begins with effective software testing. For years, companies have experimented with various manual and automated processes to help pinpoint potential inefficiencies in their technology. Now, many experts agree that using AI and chatbots in software testing will transform the way we analyze our technology for good. Already, we’ve begun to […]

  • How to Create and Build Your Perfect Chatbot

    How to Create a Chatbot

    The first thing we need to know: There is no such thing as the perfect chatbot!  Even in the creation of a chatbot, there is no best practice guide. Every chatbot behaves differently, depending on the purpose, topic coverage and the target group. In general, however, there are various ways to build a chatbot and […]

  • 5 Programming Languages Chatbot Developers Should Know About

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    Responsive and prompt customer service ensures the satisfaction of your website visitors or your mobile app users. They expect all their answers to be found in one place and don’t wish to navigate through a maze of links and menus. In the past, live agents at customer support centers have acted as the one-stop point […]

  • Help Your Business to Overcome the Chatbot Gap

    chatbot gap

    As a business, when was your chatbot last updated, or when did you last consider adopting a bot? As a user, how many sites have you come across with a bot that felt like it was developed years ago and hasn’t been improved since? The conversational technology behind bots has come a long way in […]

  • 6 Tips for Writing User-Friendly Chatbot Error Messages

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    There’s no denying that chatbots have ushered in a new age of online sales and interaction between brands and their customer bases. This is even truer in 2020, as customers around the globe have become fond of chatbots and don’t mind interacting with AI instead of agents. Whether you operate as an eCommerce platform or […]

  • Automate Your Blog Content – Processes for Better Engagement

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    In a world seemingly dominated by live blog videos, YouTube content and a focus on no-filter Instagram posts, it can be easy to overlook the humble blog as one of the most useful tools for a business to engage with customers, prospects and clients. Blog automation can help provide content ideas and turn a single […]