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  • InsurTech Bounces Back With Fresh Bots and AI

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    After the COVID interruption, worldwide insurtech funding efforts bounced back in Q2 reaching over $1.5 billion as the market looks for more efficient use cases, while new market leaders like Lemonade continue to show the old guard how things should be done. When Lemonade launched in the US during 2015, it started a trend or […]

  • When Should You Not Use Chatbots?

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    Chatbots are a popular business solution for customer services and many other use cases. But there are some times when a chatbot is not an appropriate way of engaging with customers, so consider these points before adopting a bot for your business or service. Back in 2017, chatbots had a failure rate of 70%. In […]

  • Speed Up Your Business Recovery With Automation and Chatbots

    business, recovery, AI, chatbots

    When things start to get better for business, there is going to a huge volume of interest as customers and clients try to get meet their own needs. Plenty of companies were investigating automation technologies before the Coronavirus, but they are likely to become a business essential during the recovery to cope with demand and […]

  • Best eCommerce Tech to Boost Sales and Growth

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    Innovation reigns in eCommerce, making it a dynamic industry. With the e-retail sales predicted to hit US$ 6.54 trillion in 2022, every eCommerce business owner should embrace the trends that continue to influence success. Over time, more brands are joining the market, which translates into growth and competition. To outdo the competition, you should always […]

  • 5 Ways To Promote the Use of AI and Chatbots in Your Business

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    The term artificial intelligence conjures up all sorts of images at different levels of a workforce and across industries. Preparing to deploy an AI chatbot or a smart service, iRPA or other effort requires education and careful planning and promotion to overcome any resistance and boost understanding and support. Growth in the adoption of AI […]

  • The Growth Story of Chatbots and AI in 2019

    2019, trends, chatbots, ai

    Chatbots and AI have been one of the fastest-growing topics of discussion and deployment among businesses over the last five years, with 2019 providing many bellwether moments in adoption and success. Here’s what you missed if your business chatbot journey starts in 2020 to get you up to speed. All eyes are on the future […]