What Should Hospitality Industry Chatbots Offer to Guests?

What Should Hospitality Industry Chatbots Offer to Guests?

Chatbots are growing in popularity in the hospitality industry, which is unsurprising as they can provide 24/7 information and booking services that are always on message. What other features should hospitality chatbots offer, though? The following infographic from Killarney Hotels shows where AI can fit with customer expectations.

With chatbots, immediacy is key. One of the chief advantages of chatbots over human support is the instant response that a chatbot can deliver, so it is crucial that they utilise every means possible of delivering quick replies to guests. Messaging apps are a great way of replying to guests within seconds, so chatbots should be developed for utilisation on a range of social channels. That helps your hotel to win custom over a competitor if you can deliver the quicker response to a prospective guest at the booking phase.

In the same way that airlines now allow passengers to check in prior to a flight instead of needing to do it at the airport, hotels utilise chatbots to enable guests to check in digitally and simply pick up the keys when arriving at the hotel. That speeds up the process greatly for guests and also relieves pressure on reception staff who are otherwise trying to deal with several guests at once.

Chatbots can also be pre-programmed with multiple languages to respond effectively to queries from almost any guest. While many hotel staff will be fluent in more than one tongue, there is always the danger of miscommunication if they misunderstand a guest’s query. Chatbots eliminate this awkwardness and deliver coherent replies in a range of languages.

In addition to these, chatbots are used for efficient delivery of many smaller tasks such as supplying localised recommendations for guests and fulfilling simple requests like providing extra towels or booking a taxi.

Chatbots have the potential to deliver exceptional customer service to hotel guests. Check out the infographic below for further reading on new-age hospitality trends.

Guest post from Mary Smith of Killarney Hotels.


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