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  • Chatbot Testing: the ultimate business overview

    chatbot testing with Botium

    Like most people in other technical fields, at Botium we can easily get carried away with what we are currently building, cherishing the tiniest details we carefully thought out and already focusing on future improvements. Our thoughts are constantly revolving around technical jargons and often getting the automatic stigma of being too technical. Although this […]

  • Regulating AI: It’s Time to Lay Down the Law on Enterprise Bot Use

    tech, law, legal, bots, chatbots

    Bots have become a crucial component in driving our real-time economy forward. By now it is clear to all that the use of bots will only grow in the coming years. With the help of bots, businesses can be more agile, make better decisions, provide superior customer experience, and boost overall efficiency. However, as they […]

  • How Emotion Analytics Is Powering The Next Generation of Chatbots

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    The advancement in AI has led to many innovations in chatbots. The recent inclusion of emotion or sentiment analysis is one such example that has significantly changed how the customer communication system is perceived.  Chatbots are commonly used for sales, customer support, and ecommerce marketing. However, their applications are increasing in other segments as well. […]

  • Are Virtual Girlfriends the Relationship of the Future?

    woman, robot, AI, chatbot

    The virtual girlfriend is here, thanks to a wide variety of programs and apps that will hook you up with the virtual love of your life. That raises many questions beyond which virtual girlfriend is the best. How does this technology work? Is it beneficial to the individual or society, or will it drive people […]

  • InsurTech Bounces Back With Fresh Bots and AI

    insurance chatbot, AI, bots

    After the COVID interruption, worldwide insurtech funding efforts bounced back in Q2 reaching over $1.5 billion as the market looks for more efficient use cases, while new market leaders like Lemonade continue to show the old guard how things should be done. When Lemonade launched in the US during 2015, it started a trend or […]

  • Innovation Managers Look to Chatbots and AI for Quick Wins


    The role of innovation manager has taken on fresh importance as businesses seek to recover from COVID. Their fresh insights are backed by the use of AI and chatbot technology to help create new business value while improving processes and preparing for the future. Tasked with improving the ways companies work, innovation managers are at […]