Conversational AI Gets Its Own Trade Event

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Chatbots continue their rise up the IT and business agenda, with an increasing presence at business events, technology expos and in the keynotes of thought leaders. VentureBeat’s transform is going all AI with its upcoming Transform 2019 event.

Whenever there’s a technology roadshow or event on the go, AI and chatbots are at the cutting edge of the business conversation. SalesForce Basecamp events are currently touring Europe, helping business leaders get up to speed on all sorts of technologies to drive growth and innovation from digital employees, who are likely the final form of chatbots with a full personality.

Follow the hashtags and see all types of businesses discussing how AI will change how they work, and work smarter. The idea isn’t only about revenue growth but having happier, more loyal customers, who are willing to spend regularly.

On with the show

For a longer look at the issues affecting all companies, business expert Mckinsey’s guide to AI is top read among executives. But reading can’t help you discuss the issues, for that you need to be face to face with other people having the same issues.

So, for all the hassle of travel and hotels (and the $1,495 ticket price) shows are increasingly important in how businesses view and solve problems. Now AI has its own event coming up in July at the home of smart tech, San Francisco. While there will be other events closer to you, and more in 2020 and beyond, Transform 2019 should be the event that helps any type of business in any market understand the likes of natural language processing, smart speech, computer vision, AI integration and implementation, and the Internet of Things among others.

It isn’t just covering the big shiny tech products, but also the impact of governance, security, and ethics on every business that will end up using AI, from the hot topics of avoiding bias, to ensuring privacy and explaining what each bot stores about customers. One of the key events will be the at the NLP/Smart Speech Stage where the big picture talk is on “Where are we in understanding human speech”:

It will cover “Applications of deep learning, unsupervised, and supervised machine learning have accelerated the accuracy with which a machine can understand the meaning of human speech, and thus accelerate cognitive computing. We hear from four leading experts about the most compelling sorts of business applications that are now possible because of where we are with NLP and NLU in 2019.”

With speakers from all sorts of AI vendors, powerful startups looking to deliver innovation, and end users like and AirBnB. The event will act as a clarion call to all businesses from the CEO, Director, CIO, marketing manager, CTO and customer experience leaders on down that AI’s time is now, and those missing the boat will be left far, far behind.

Also worth a look this year are the AI Summit (aka TechXLR8) in London, taking place from 12-13 June. Promising tangible, practical and actionable insights for business, it has a strong track on machine learning and data analytics, responsible and ethical AI, and that key issue for many businesses, how to build a strong data team. The same event is touring the world, visiting Hong Kong, Singapore, Cape Town and other locations to spread the word.

Finally, looking a little further ahead, the AI and Big Data Expo takes place in March 2020. The 2019 version had lots of practical advice like “How to Get From 0 to 100 Million Messages a Day: Steps to Build, Optimize, and Scale Enterprise Grade Intelligent Agents.”

Among all these high profile shows, there will be plenty of local business events, helping explain AI and chatbots to smaller businesses at the most practical levels. For any company wondering or struggling with their AI or chatbots, listening to other end users talk about how they figured out the problems, and how they use the tech for better business is all key in making AI a key part of your processes, keeping customers happy and helping drive growth.

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