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  • Intelligent Content Processing for Chatbots

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    “Scientia potentia est or Knowledge is Power.” Whenever an enterprise is working with a large pool of data, the requirement arises for Intelligent Content Processing. Often, enterprise-sized organisations will have thousands of documents shared on Sharepoint or similar data hubs. But what good is data and content that is not in a usable format? This […]

  • Automate Your Blog Content – Processes for Better Engagement

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    In a world seemingly dominated by live blog videos, YouTube content and a focus on no-filter Instagram posts, it can be easy to overlook the humble blog as one of the most useful tools for a business to engage with customers, prospects and clients. Blog automation can help provide content ideas and turn a single […]

  • Continuous Bot Conversations Can Improve on Current Digital Communications

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    Banks, retailers and other businesses have a big problem. Recent research shows that around a third of customers don’t open or act on emails due to concerns about fraud. Moving the conversation from a string of emails email to a singular bot chat increases acceptance and will help drive better conversations and results. What’s the […]

  • 5 Winning Strategies to Up Your Millennial Marketing Game

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    Millennials make up over 70 million Americans. Those born from 1981 to 1996 are defined as Millennials, making them now in their twenties to early thirties. This generation has grown up centred around technology, so it’s essential to learn how to market to them. After all, they are part of the young, working generation who […]

  • Business Growth in Chatbot and Robotic Automation Highlights a Fresh Decade of Efficiency

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    Chatbots and RPA are not new technologies, but their growing adoption among business and enterprise shows others the value in time and revenue savings. Creating a more efficient business can be done simply thanks to these tools, but where in the organization and how are key questions to answer. Chatbots are well known for their […]

  • The Future of Chatbots in the Move to Online Conversation

    A blue brain, seen from above, in circles with horizontal lines on either side, like those of a computer chip.

    By Avi Benezra Chatbots have already changed plenty over their short history, becoming smarter, broader and more capable of interacting with other services. The future of chatbots will see even greater diversity as they are folded into virtual assistants, while the big issues like ethical AI will make headlines and drive changes in how chatbots […]