5 Winning Strategies to Up Your Millennial Marketing Game

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Millennials make up over 70 million Americans. Those born from 1981 to 1996 are defined as Millennials, making them now in their twenties to early thirties.

This generation has grown up centred around technology, so it’s essential to learn how to market to them. After all, they are part of the young, working generation who will shape the future.

What may work for a Baby Boomer may not work for a Millennial. So here are five winning strategies to help you to appeal to Millennials, to up your marketing game. 

Utilise user-generated content

Millennials are greatly influenced by the world around them. They put trust into recommendations, even if strangers make them. User-generated content is a great help in making a decision to purchase. Millennials have the means and the ability to research the best products. Reviews will significantly influence their decision. 

Use social media to promote your content through influencers and advertising. Global ad spend is continuously growing and consumers are far more likely to purchase from brands they’ve seen advertised.

Support a cause

Almost 50% of Millennials would be more willing to purchase a product or service that supports a cause. Millennials believe that goodwill will positively impact their future. Appeal to their values to up your Millennial marketing game.

The possibilities are endless. Back a local community, donate profits to a charity, or help an environmental cause.

Make use of technology

Our digital world is continuously changing. Technology is fast evolving. Since Millennials grew up utilising this technology, using the newest in tech will appeal to them. 

Give your potential customers an interactive experience. The key is to come up with an idea that is new and unique. Something that has not been executed by your competitors. 

For example, virtual reality and augmented reality have recently combined forces with marketing. This allows consumers to connect with or come closer to a product so that they can make an informed decision in their purchase.

Chatbots have also become a great way to connect with Millennials. A chatbot essentially conducts a conversation with a consumer. This simulates a ‘human’ customer service representative to enhance user experience.

Optimise for all devices

Millennials are part of a culture who use devices almost 24/7. Whether that is healthy is another topic for discussion. Regardless, your site should be optimised for all devices. Be it a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

In today’s world, 70% of customers shop using smartphones. Ensuring a user-friendly experience is thereby imperative to remain competitive. Otherwise, potential customers would be less likely to go through with the sale.

Your landing page, when accessed on a smartphone, should have a clear call to action and minimal white space. Ensure the checkout process is simple, and the main menu is easily accessible.

Be transparent

Millennials value authenticity and transparency. Being so connected with the digital world, they’ll spot the difference between a paid promotion and a genuine review from a mile away.

Keep it honest and straightforward to win Millennials’ hearts. Share your story. Did you start with no funds? Did you start your business after realising your previous career path wasn’t for you? How do you choose to impact the world with your business? Millennials want to hear the story about how you got into the market in the first place.

In addition to this, provide real-life scenarios of your product or service being put to use. Show that what you’re selling can withstand what life has to offer.

Marketing appropriately to Millennials will work wonders for your business. Pay attention to what qualities they’re looking for in a product or service, and accommodate their beliefs and values. This will ensure you appeal to this tech-savvy generation with increasing buying power.

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