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  • After Years of Google Updates, Now SEO and Content Has to Be Aligned in a Better Way

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    In full-funnel marketing, each and every aspect of the user-experience has to be tweaked for optimal results. Nobody has seen more proof of how well this works than our chatbot specialists who work behind the scene to serve all the new leads that are being generated as a result of a well-planned marketing operation. Several […]

  • The Evolution of Conversational Chatbot Systems

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    Conversational chatbots like ELIZA and PARRY in the 1960s and 1970s were early, crude examples that were basic in their implementation and effectiveness. Over the decades, the technology has increased considerably, resulting in examples like Alexa, Siri, and XiaoIce. We’ll take a closer look at the latter below, but let’s first go over the details […]

  • Top Chatbots and Lessons You Can Learn

    Top Chatbots and Lessons You Can Learn

    More chatbots were launched in 2018 than all the previous years of their existence, and 2019 will see even more arrive. Here are some of the highlights and issues raised from the recent crop, and lessons that any business can use when putting their future chatbot plans together. If NASA can’t make a smart chatbot, […]

  • Responsible AI: Future Rules For Bots & Artificial Intelligence

    Responsible AI: Future Rules For Bots & Artificial Intelligence

    Technology has been one wild west after the other. We had OS wars, the browser wars, the console wars, and endless scuffles over each business IT development. Coming up fast are the AI and bot wars, as businesses look to make the best use their power, while lawmakers seek to limit the unwanted impact they […]

  • Chatbot Overview: Introduction For Beginners

    Chatbot Overview: Introduction For Beginners

    Chatbots are built to provide automated and relevant responses to website guests. With chatbots, clients and prospects are assured of instant responses to all their inquiries and other services. Unlike in the past when clients had to go through long processes of contacting customer care desks to get help, chatbots take the shortest time possible to deliver similar services. They engage clients and prospects at any time of the day and deal with their individual issues conclusively.

  • Common Mistakes In Chatbot Design

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    Chatbots are the new conversational interfaces that utilize messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger. The use of artificial intelligence and chatbots are the big inventions prospected to take over future technologies in business communication. Building successful chatbots, however, is not a simple task. It is easy to create a bot while the same applies when it comes to making mistakes. If you are anticipating building a chatbot for your business, try to avoid these costly mistakes.