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  • In-Demand Jobs During Covid-19

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    The world is in the midst of its worst health crisis since the Spanish influenza pandemic over a century ago. The implications of the Covid-19 epidemic to the global economy and the job market are simply staggering. In the US, a record number of people have filed for unemployment, and over 57 percent of people […]

  • The Rise and Rise of AI-Powered Chatbots amidst the Pandemic

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    Long before the world faced the outbreak of COVID-19, chatbots already had a market share of USD 2.6 billion. And now as more and more people are forced to stay indoors, and working from home has become the new common. For their daily needs, people are now turning towards online shopping more than ever before, […]

  • 5 Ways You Can Boost Your Profile at Work During Lockdown or Restart

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    There are many ways home workers can pass the time during lockdown, from the hyper-focused, all-business, types annoying everyone else, to those bumbling along with their work or dodging it as much as possible. Anyone still with a job, or looking for a new career post-lockdown, can take some time to see how they and […]

  • 10 Apps That Can Help You to Work From Home on the COVID-19 Pandemic Time

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    Using your own devices while at home might make you wonder whether or not you need new tech. But in order not to end up googling “phone comparison” or trying to compare laptops to see what you can afford, you should simply find new useful apps to use that will make your work easier and […]

  • Chatbots and AI Will Dominate Future Supply Chains to Improve Crisis Response

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    Retailers love to burble on about how cool and smart their supply chains are, yet come a crisis like COVID-19, toilet roll and hand sanitizer are suddenly rarer than strong political leadership. The truth is, the weak link remains with the in-store reporting of sales back to local or regional HQ and an inability to […]

  • 5 Ways Chatbots Can Help Students in Distant Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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    Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have entered all aspects of our lives. We have smart assistants in the workplace, connected devices in the home, and even chatbots in the school classroom. As distance learning grows more popular, the dependence on technology has grown as well. In conditions such as the current global […]