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  • Top Chatbots and Lessons You Can Learn

    Top Chatbots and Lessons You Can Learn

    More chatbots were launched in 2018 than all the previous years of their existence, and 2019 will see even more arrive. Here are some of the highlights and issues raised from the recent crop, and lessons that any business can use when putting their future chatbot plans together. If NASA can’t make a smart chatbot, […]

  • Clever Ways To Promote & Market Your Chatbot

    Clever Ways To Promote & Market Your Chatbot

    The art of promoting your bot is an exercise that mixes some writing and marketing, the best way to do this is with a simple plan that runs along with the bot development and any promotional effort. Every business will need to drive awareness of the chatbot and highlight its benefits, with a sustained effort to keep people coming back or attracting new users.

  • How To Market & Sell Your Chatbot To Customers

    Chatbot with many sales channels for marketingChatbot with many sales channels for marketing

    Chatbots might sound like marketing gold, offering improved, faster automated services to customers, but any business has to be very careful in its approach when raising awareness and highlighting the strengths of a bot.

  • Chatbot Strategies for 2019

    chatbot strategies

    2019 is looking like a great time to launch a chatbot. These strategies will help any company looking to launch a bot into their market or vertical.

  • Customer Service Bots: 5 Ways to Build Better Ones

    customer service bots

    Chatbots might seem like the solution to your businesses’ customer service woes, but there are still plenty of pitfalls that you need to overcome to ensure a positive customer experience and a successful conclusion. Here are five tips to ensure a better customer support bot.