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  • How to Ensure Your Chatbot Is a Welcome Addition to the Company

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    Concerns over AI, job losses and privacy are all issues surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning and any service that uses them like chatbots. Some basic best practices should keep your staff onside when it comes to chatbot development and deployment, possibly even excited about the possibilities. Recent research has to come to […]

  • 6 Key Questions Your Business Needs to Answer Before Launching a Chatbot in 2019

    Chatbots are a growing trend among businesses, helping with customer services, bookings and sales. But among all the hype any company planning to launch one needs to answer some key questions before committing to a project. Consider these around the boardroom or planning table before taking off. What will we do with our chatbot? Without […]

  • Vertical Bots See Investment and Partnerships Boom

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    The chatbot market, like much of technology, sees major brands trying to dominate among a host of niche, startup and market-specific players. Yet, as chatbots become a key tool for many, business is always easier if the developers talk your own lingo. That’s why vertical specific bots are a big hit for airlines, hotels, industries […]