Tag: artificial intelligence

  • How Far Are We From Great AI?

    AI, chatbot, NLP

    Talk to Siri, Alexa or a company chatbot and sooner or later we get to the “I don’t understand that…” moment. While customers and developers are dreaming of that blockbuster movie AI that understands the context and meaning of what we say, in reality, we might not be that far off. Do you feel jealous […]

  • Google Duplex: Your New AI Buddy Hits the Phones

    virtual assistant, Google Duplex, robot, smartphone, chatbot

    Google’s Duplex AI service is rolling out on select Pixel devices for a lucky few U.S. users now, bringing the next step in bot and AI evolution to consumers. Are we ready for bots to talk to the world, doing our bidding? We guess Google is finding out right now. Chatbots, websites and other resources […]