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  • Are Personal Chatbots the Future?

    personal chatbot

    Chatbots have been around for decades, but they’ve recently garnered more attention as they become better and used even more. When Facebook opened up their Messenger API in 2016, it led to hundreds of thousands of bots over the next two years. Early chatbots were (and many still are) quite generic and impersonal. Yet the […]

  • How Social Media Chatbots Are Changing Brand Marketing

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    The rise of chatbots continues across the digital business world, helping startups address huge audiences without the cost of staffing or the hassle of outsourcing. Chatbots enable educational institutions and support charities to connect to students and their users in a neutral voice about all sorts of subjects. For many, it is easier to obtain […]

  • How to Become a Virtual Travel Agent

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    Technology like cloud services and chatbots can help you build a virtual travel agent, with fewer of the overheads that such businesses required in the past. This allows you to focus on offering unique travel packages, create a better personal service while focusing on growing a hyper-local or globe-spanning business, whatever you feel the need […]

  • Chatbots Helping to Make Your World a Better Place

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    Chatbots are rapidly spreading out of the customer service and business sector into personal health, self-improvement, charity, and environmental markets. Who better to ask how you can help improve your wellbeing or save the planet than a chatbot? A few years ago, every piece of advice came in the form of a flyer or pamphlet, […]

  • Could A Chatbot Become Your Best Friend, Or Better?

    Chat Bot Friend

    Chatbots can play a practical role in the lives of many. Bots could soon help out when it comes to companionship, mental health and old age.