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  • Chatbots to Treat Anxiety and Depression

    Chatbots to Treat Anxiety and Depression

    Nowadays, a major concern of mental health doctors regarding traditional therapeutic approaches (such as visiting the doctor’s office) is that they are confronted with a new phenomenon, specific to our time: the desocialization of their patients, especially the younger ones. Indeed, they grew up in a world where they were much more in contact with […]

  • Using Chat Interface for Mental Health Interventions

    Conversations via instant messaging interfaces (also known as “chats”) are generating more and more interest in mental health care. A study even shows that it has equivalent results to “treatment as usual”, so they might be added to mental health doctors’ toolkit.  Indeed, this approach offers two significant benefits over face-to-face interventions (although obviously, the […]

  • The Digital Doctor – Medical Vertical Focuses Heavily on Chatbots

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    If there’s one segment across the business world that will cause consternation and questions about the use of chatbots, it is in the medical profession. Already, there have been probing documentaries, harsh press pieces and professional concern about their use. But, as with every other area of business, bots are here to stay and a […]

  • How To Market & Sell Your Chatbot To Customers

    Chatbot with many sales channels for marketingChatbot with many sales channels for marketing

    Chatbots might sound like marketing gold, offering improved, faster automated services to customers, but any business has to be very careful in its approach when raising awareness and highlighting the strengths of a bot.