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  • How Social Media Chatbots Are Changing Brand Marketing

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    The rise of chatbots continues across the digital business world, helping startups address huge audiences without the cost of staffing or the hassle of outsourcing. Chatbots enable educational institutions and support charities to connect to students and their users in a neutral voice about all sorts of subjects. For many, it is easier to obtain […]

  • Implementing Chatbots For Ecommerce Stores

    Implementing Chatbots For Ecommerce Stores

    Chatbots have transformed the way we interact with the online world. These specialized computer programs based on AI and Natural Language Processing have already been put to use in many industries: eCommerce being just one of them. There are a few things you need to take care off if you want to make this process more efficient. This is why we offer you some simple advice on how to effectively implement a custom chatbot to an online shop.