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  • How Human Does Your Bot Need To Be? Science Says Not Much!

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    Recent research suggests that going for the all-singing, trying-to-be-friendly, almost-human bot isn’t the best way to go for most use cases. So, just how much banter or empathy should your bot show? That’s a key design decision to make when building chatbots. Bots can express themselves in three basic ways, They can deliver the basic […]

  • How Social Media Chatbots Are Changing Brand Marketing

    robot, social media, mobile

    The rise of chatbots continues across the digital business world, helping startups address huge audiences without the cost of staffing or the hassle of outsourcing. Chatbots enable educational institutions and support charities to connect to students and their users in a neutral voice about all sorts of subjects. For many, it is easier to obtain […]

  • Google Duplex: Your New AI Buddy Hits the Phones

    virtual assistant, Google Duplex, robot, smartphone, chatbot

    Google’s Duplex AI service is rolling out on select Pixel devices for a lucky few U.S. users now, bringing the next step in bot and AI evolution to consumers. Are we ready for bots to talk to the world, doing our bidding? We guess Google is finding out right now. Chatbots, websites and other resources […]

  • Customer Service Chatbots Need the Same Level of Care as IVR

    Consumers remember too well the “your call is valuable to us” message while grinding their teeth, stuck in customer service hold-hell on the phone. Businesses shouldn’t make similar mistakes just because the chatbot eliminates that particular bugbear, being casual with your customer service bots will only lead to more problems. The drive to chatbots as […]

  • Chatbot Strategies for 2019

    chatbot strategies

    2019 is looking like a great time to launch a chatbot. These strategies will help any company looking to launch a bot into their market or vertical.

  • 5 Major Benefits Of Chatbots

    major benefits of chatbots

    Chatbots are an increasingly important tool in any businesses customer communications strategy. We look at how they can benefit your organisation.