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  • Bright Future for Social Media Chatbots in Marketing

    chatbots, banking

    Social media marketing trends change all the time, but chatbots will become even more crucial for marketers in the years ahead. Since their start in the mid-19th century, the technology that drives them has undergone tremendous changes. Today, they’re deployed by companies for a variety of uses. By concentrating on personalization and other factors, chatbots […]

  • Retail chatbot interactions to boom with 10 times current levels by 2023

    retail chatbot

    In 2019 research house Juniper expects some 2.6 billion interactions between consumers and retail chatbots. That sounds pretty impressive, but by 2023, they expect that number to reach over 22 billion, while success rates will also continue to explode. Customer service chatbots are currently where the market is at, but retail is fast catching up […]

  • AI and Chatbots High on the Agenda at the Spring Tech Keynotes

    tech conference, event

    As the weather heats up, the tech leaders come out of hibernation to tell us what will be big this year and beyond. While it comes as little surprise that folding phones are suddenly off the agenda, the rise of artificial intelligence and chatbots continue to dominate as Google, Microsoft and Facebook talk shop. Facebook […]

  • Polls, Surveys and Contests Delivered by Chatbot Are the Future

    polls, surveys, trends, chatbots

    Moving beyond basic customer support and services, chatbots are the ideal digital platform for political leaders, business marketers, PR and others to drive engagement and gain a better understanding of their voters, fans or customers. A little bit of political chat Politicians and pollsters are screaming to find more about the voting intentions of increasingly […]

  • Chatbot Investment Continues to Rise in 2019

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    Serious tech and venture capital investment money continue to flow into chatbots, with UK personal financial advice bot Plum the latest to benefit with $4.5 million helping people save smarter. Finance bots are big news Money management tools are all the rage with apps, services and banks’ own features helping people save better by swapping […]

  • The Marketing Opportunity for Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

    marketing stats, chatbot

    The way that customers and consumers interact with businesses and brands continues to change as one-way traffic evolves into the much-vaunted “conversation.” That’s thanks to the rise of chatty virtual assistants and bots who can help any type and size of business engage with their audience. A marketing team’s aim in life is to get […]