Category: GDPR

  • The Risks of Chatbot Data Breaches and Privacy Issues Made Clear

    data breach, hack, cyber crime

    With the news that Data Airline is filing a lawsuit against its chatbot provider, among endless IT breaches and disasters, the reality is now starkly clear that chatbots need to be secure and well-managed to protect the business and customers. The cloud is so easy and seductive, sign up for a service, create something amazing […]

  • Chatbot Identification Now Law in California and Expected to Spread

    chatbot in jail, chatbot, arrested

    A clampdown on video face recognition systems is spreading around major cities, as politicians police and others continue to argue its merits. Meanwhile, a tightening of rules on other AI and smart technologies is on the way. Chatbots are the latest to feel the effect with a Californian law banning bots that fail to identify […]