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  • Four Ways in Which Chatbots Can Help the Hotel Industry    

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    Chatbots have the power to impact and transform the hotel industry Chatbots are the topic of discussion in every hotel conference and hospitality article. This is because of what they can accomplish for the industry. Listing it out, chatbots can – Completely redefine a hotel’s guest experience by engaging the guest in totally unique ways. […]

  • Machine Learning, Chatbots and AI March Into Business Use

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    The hottest tech trends have exploded out of betas, labs and trials into everyday use cases for many businesses, with a raft of new products or developments. If your business isn’t looking to take advantage of ML, AI and bots, it may not be in business for much longer. Every aspect of business will be […]

  • How Social Media Chatbots Are Changing Brand Marketing

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    The rise of chatbots continues across the digital business world, helping startups address huge audiences without the cost of staffing or the hassle of outsourcing. Chatbots enable educational institutions and support charities to connect to students and their users in a neutral voice about all sorts of subjects. For many, it is easier to obtain […]

  • 6 Key Questions Your Business Needs to Answer Before Launching a Chatbot in 2019

    Chatbots are a growing trend among businesses, helping with customer services, bookings and sales. But among all the hype any company planning to launch one needs to answer some key questions before committing to a project. Consider these around the boardroom or planning table before taking off. What will we do with our chatbot? Without […]

  • The Big Stats in Chatbots for 2018

    The Big Stats in Chatbots for 2018

    Dynamic growth, time and money saved, outlandish health claims, chatbots had it all in 2018. We take a look at the latest numbers that will help drive bot adoption and growing use of AI in 2019. The stats are the stars Most businesses won’t make a decision without an army of stats behind it, and […]

  • What the Researchers and Businesses Predict for Technology for 2019

    December is always a fun time as the tech press and industry look forward to the next big thing, or a small thing that could make a huge difference. This roundup takes a look at the most common and outlier trends that IT needs to be prepared for in the new year. Bust or boom […]