Author: Conor Kostick

  • Polls, Surveys and Contests Delivered by Chatbot Are the Future

    polls, surveys, trends, chatbots

    Moving beyond basic customer support and services, chatbots are the ideal digital platform for political leaders, business marketers, PR and others to drive engagement and gain a better understanding of their voters, fans or customers. A little bit of political chat Politicians and pollsters are screaming to find more about the voting intentions of increasingly […]

  • The Marketing Opportunity for Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

    marketing stats, chatbot

    The way that customers and consumers interact with businesses and brands continues to change as one-way traffic evolves into the much-vaunted “conversation.” That’s thanks to the rise of chatty virtual assistants and bots who can help any type and size of business engage with their audience. A marketing team’s aim in life is to get […]

  • How Social Media Chatbots Are Changing Brand Marketing

    robot, social media, mobile

    The rise of chatbots continues across the digital business world, helping startups address huge audiences without the cost of staffing or the hassle of outsourcing. Chatbots enable educational institutions and support charities to connect to students and their users in a neutral voice about all sorts of subjects. For many, it is easier to obtain […]