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  • How Emotion Analytics Is Powering The Next Generation of Chatbots

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    The advancement in AI has led to many innovations in chatbots. The recent inclusion of emotion or sentiment analysis is one such example that has significantly changed how the customer communication system is perceived.  Chatbots are commonly used for sales, customer support, and ecommerce marketing. However, their applications are increasing in other segments as well. […]

  • Chatbots, AI and Algorithms Need Careful Management, Or Else!

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    The world needs a good tech disaster from time to time, to remind us what value and reliance we have on digital systems. Chatbot builders and businesses tinkering with AI and algorithms can learn plenty from the UK government’s disastrous dalliance with its recent exam-balancing plan that upset the nation. Wherever you are in the […]

  • Why You Should Build a Chatbot with NLP

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    Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a powerful tool that Chatbot builders can use to add a human element to conversations and help reduce user frustration. NLP is, however, much more than just that and exists as a technology that’s become ingrained in our daily lives while also hiding in plain sight. What is NLP? NLP […]

  • Natural Language Processing: Everything You Need To Know

    Natural Language Processing: Everything You Need To Know

    NLP is a deeply complex technology with growing numbers of students discovering it as part of their IT and technology courses. For business, it is fast becoming a practical part of the tech toolbox to deliver machine learning tools, powering chatbots, helping write summary articles and filtering spam or social media messages. This article provides all you need to know about the technology and how it can provide practical business benefits.

  • Machine Learning: Chatbot Training Is An Essential Tool

    Machine Learning: Chatbot Training Is An Essential Tool

    As with any new recruit, chatbots work better if they are trained before interacting with customers. The larger and more complex the bot, the more training is needed, and the greater amount of business data required to ensure the chatbot does a good job.