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  • Customer Service Chatbots Ready to Enter A Golden Age

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    Just a few short years ago, customer service chatbots were stilted affairs, little better than the scripted agents they were supposed to replace. As AI has grown in stature and usefulness, those chatbots are now serving millions of customers for brands big and small. And the agents are still here, focusing on complex issues or […]

  • Conversational AI Gets Its Own Trade Event

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    Chatbots continue their rise up the IT and business agenda, with an increasing presence at business events, technology expos and in the keynotes of thought leaders. VentureBeat’s transform is going all AI with its upcoming Transform 2019 event. Whenever there’s a technology roadshow or event on the go, AI and chatbots are at the cutting […]

  • Chatbots Drive the Agenda at Call & Contact Centre Expo

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    London’s recent Call & Contact Centre Expo was home to a host of businesses selling solutions and services to keep customers happy with 20,000 visitors checking out the latest products. As those solutions expand to encompass the automated future, lots were talking about their chatbot powers. Call centre operations is big business, large enough for […]

  • Chatbots and the Arts Show a Different Side to Technology

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    From L.S Lowry’s industrial paintings to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis from endless sci-fi comics and stories to movies, the arts help play a major part in setting the landscape for the future of technology and the general population. See how “AI: More than Human” presents the world of bots and other AI-powered systems to the non-tech […]

  • Airlines and Banks Continue to Roll Out the Chatbots

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    Not a day goes by without a major new chatbot release around the globe. This week, Lufthansa and South African bank TymeBank are among those looking to broaden and improve their customer service platform. Chatbots are a key part of most airlines customer service offering, with KLM’s BlueBot noted for leading the field. However, things […]

  • Chatbots Markets Around the World Make a Massive Impact

    Chatbots Markets Around the World Make a Massive Impact

    It is only natural that businesses look within their own territory or market to learn about new technology. But chatbots are a global phenomenon, adopted far faster outside the west that most others, so taking a look at their growth, use and adoption globally provides some valuable insights.