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  • Intel’s New Ice Lake Processors Feature AI-on-a-Chip but What Does That Change for Bots?

    intel, processor, AI

    Mobile processors have had AI features for the last generation or two, but Intel has finally caught up, bringing on-chip AI to upcoming models of notebook and desktop. What does that mean for chatbots, AI services and developers? The processor wars got really boring after the fun of the Intel Pentium vs AMD Athlon battle […]

  • Rise of the ChatFAQ or InfoBot

    chatbot hologram

    Not all businesses need an AI-powered mega-chatbot capable of answering every question up to and including “what is the meaning of life?” The rise of chatbots handing out specific information in a FAQ-like format is an increasingly popular choice, creating InfoBots that can fulfill a specific function neatly and efficiently while saving the user time […]

  • Chatbot Tech on the March Into Wider Business and Engagement

    chatbot, business

    As with most technologies, like GPS, apps and VR, they might start out in their own little bubble but are soon adopted by a wider range of services that can make use of them. The same is true with chatbots, with the underlying language features making their mark in other areas. You might think a […]

  • Chatbots Grow into Sales and Marketing Tools

    chatbot, sales, marketing, retail

    The evolution of chatbots from a customer support tool continues as retailers, events, hotels, airlines and other sales-focused businesses seek to claw back some of the trade lost to scalpers, scrapers and comparison sites. The wide range of ways to buy almost any product online creates confusion, brand dilution and further moves the consumer away […]

  • Chatbot Identification Now Law in California and Expected to Spread

    chatbot in jail, chatbot, arrested

    A clampdown on video face recognition systems is spreading around major cities, as politicians police and others continue to argue its merits. Meanwhile, a tightening of rules on other AI and smart technologies is on the way. Chatbots are the latest to feel the effect with a Californian law banning bots that fail to identify […]

  • Robert Downey Junior Talks Real Bots to Save the World

    iron man, robert downey jr

    A real flying Iron Man isn’t going to show up any time soon. Even if he did, he’s hardly in a position to tell everyone else to make the world a better place, and few would likely listen. So, the real world Robert Downey Junior is talking up his new initiative to use technology and […]