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  • The 2020 AI and Chatbot Landscape for Sports, Entertainment, and Media

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    The media industry is yet to have its “wow” AI or chatbot moment, but that’s not for lack of trying. Innovation among media operators is likely to see something amazing happen in 2020 as the rise of AI and the need for people to communicate about the sports teams, movies or shows they love reaches […]

  • How ‘Chatbot’ Narratives Have Evolved in News Media: 1997-2019

    chatbot, bot, news, media

    It might seem as if words like ‘chatbot’, ‘AI’ and ‘machine learning’ have exploded in news media over the last ten years. That’s because they have and it’s really only in the last five years that the word ‘chatbot’ has become much more widespread and more commonly used by newspapers. Interestingly, it’s only in the […]

  • The Risks of Chatbot Data Breaches and Privacy Issues Made Clear

    data breach, hack, cyber crime

    With the news that Data Airline is filing a lawsuit against its chatbot provider, among endless IT breaches and disasters, the reality is now starkly clear that chatbots need to be secure and well-managed to protect the business and customers. The cloud is so easy and seductive, sign up for a service, create something amazing […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Chatbot Coaches Will Dominate the Personal Support Industry

    stress, phone, bot

    Wellness and financial sanity-check coaches are already flocking to app stores, heralding a huge rise in the use of chatbots as part of the booming “advice” category. The lure of charging customers for using them via subscriptions, or for a business to automate the “wellness” part of their HR system makes a compelling case. Having […]

  • Bots and AI Starring in Movies and Literature

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    Virtual reality, smartphones, gaming, even viruses have long been a staple plot feature of the movies, from the new Jumanji to The Lawnmower Man. Now chatbots and AI tools are officially a thing, that means Hollywood, book writers and TV shows are happy to promote use them as ways to stir the plot and for […]

  • Chatbots: the Travel Agent’s Best Friend

    travel, tourism, guide, bot, chatbot

    Travel agents ask, or are asked, the same few questions millions of times per year, making them the ideal business to be transformed by a chatbot. Let it do the “beach or touring, snow or city break” questions and save your efforts for the key interactions with your customers. The travel industry remains a cutthroat […]