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  • In-Demand Jobs During Covid-19

    covid-19 work, remote work

    The world is in the midst of its worst health crisis since the Spanish influenza pandemic over a century ago. The implications of the Covid-19 epidemic to the global economy and the job market are simply staggering. In the US, a record number of people have filed for unemployment, and over 57 percent of people […]

  • Chatbots – The Talk of Digital Transformation

    digital transformation, chatbot

    Companies are adopting in ever increasing numbers digital transformation strategies that create new business models, improve process efficiencies and gain competitive advantage. However, many organizations are still in the early stages of digital transformation. The reasons include lack of resources, budget constraints and cultural issues; but perhaps the biggest obstacle is the overwhelming complexity of […]

  • How HR See Chatbots

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    A study conducted in 2018, entitled “The chatbots observatory”, interviewed several hundred human resources managers about their perception of chatbots. The results of this study, conducted by a natural language processing editor, Do You Dream Up, have just been published. They are compared with the results of another study from the same observatory that interviewed […]