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  • The Future of Chatbots and Conversational AI

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    On 3rd December 2020 Group Futurista hosted another insightful webinar under their FutureCast Series. In guiding the businesses through AI-based evolution, Group Futurista hosted the ‘Future of Chatbots and Conversational AI’ webinar. From their niches, the speakers presented how AI is an essential upgrade in their respective industries.  Presenting how AI-powered CX intelligence can help […]

  • 2020 and Beyond for Customer Service

    customer service, business, 2020

    Customer service and the tools to deliver it are changing fast, every business should recognise that. Your customers certainly are, as everyone from pensioners down to teenagers are increasingly exposed to chatbots and AI across a wide range of services. The growth and reliance in these services will only shift the landscape further in the […]

  • How Chatbots and AI Could Play Out in the Smart Future

    robots, AI, singularity

    In the week that Elon Musk talks about the progress in his Neuralink brain-machine-interface business, discussion about AI and where it will take us is raging. Will robots rely on human smarts? Will people tolerate robots in their homes and how will chatbots evolve beyond text on the screen? Robots in the media have been […]