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  • Are Chatbots Getting Smarter? No, Their Creators Are

    intelligent chatbots design

    It seems that we are witnessing the advent of the age of bots, whether they are conversational, the “chatbots”, or whether they are just publishing predetermined messages, as the “Twitter bots” do. Their multiplication is accompanied by a certain refinement in their method of diffusion as well as in the quality of their message, their “script”. But this is not only due to new technological possibilities, it is above all the human brain that is behind this improvement.

  • Chatbot Overview: Introduction For Beginners

    Chatbot Overview: Introduction For Beginners

    Chatbots are built to provide automated and relevant responses to website guests. With chatbots, clients and prospects are assured of instant responses to all their inquiries and other services. Unlike in the past when clients had to go through long processes of contacting customer care desks to get help, chatbots take the shortest time possible to deliver similar services. They engage clients and prospects at any time of the day and deal with their individual issues conclusively.

  • Common Mistakes In Chatbot Design

    mistakes in chatbot design

    Chatbots are the new conversational interfaces that utilize messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger. The use of artificial intelligence and chatbots are the big inventions prospected to take over future technologies in business communication. Building successful chatbots, however, is not a simple task. It is easy to create a bot while the same applies when it comes to making mistakes. If you are anticipating building a chatbot for your business, try to avoid these costly mistakes.

  • Machine Learning: Chatbot Training Is An Essential Tool

    Machine Learning: Chatbot Training Is An Essential Tool

    As with any new recruit, chatbots work better if they are trained before interacting with customers. The larger and more complex the bot, the more training is needed, and the greater amount of business data required to ensure the chatbot does a good job.

  • Clever Ways To Promote & Market Your Chatbot

    Clever Ways To Promote & Market Your Chatbot

    The art of promoting your bot is an exercise that mixes some writing and marketing, the best way to do this is with a simple plan that runs along with the bot development and any promotional effort. Every business will need to drive awareness of the chatbot and highlight its benefits, with a sustained effort to keep people coming back or attracting new users.