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  • Customer Service Is Boosted When the Bot Is Always Right

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    Customer loyalty is changing, and marketing isn’t always getting the message right when it comes to building an appealing brand. Instead, practical efforts like chatbots, apps and AI-powered services all help to deliver what the customer needs. Marketers perennial panic about the loyalty of their customers is often based on old or plain false information. […]

  • The Smart Future of Chatbots and Self-Service Customer Support

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    As customers have more ways to get in touch with their bank, local government, favourite brand or other business, the move to self-service support is a natural step for most high-volume companies. But how to prepare your customers for the step, and monitoring how they react are key issues in making it a success, and […]

  • Chatbot Strategies for 2019

    chatbot strategies

    2019 is looking like a great time to launch a chatbot. These strategies will help any company looking to launch a bot into their market or vertical.

  • 5 Major Benefits Of Chatbots

    major benefits of chatbots

    Chatbots are an increasingly important tool in any businesses customer communications strategy. We look at how they can benefit your organisation.