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  • Use Chatbots to Unify Your Customer Communication Strategy

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    A customer calls your customer service line. While on hold, he fires off an email and opens up a support ticket through your website. Before a customer support rep can get back to him, he’s tweeting at you, or posting on your Facebook wall, or both. Each one of these interactions shows up in your […]

  • Gain Customer Trust With Your Chatbots

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    Many businesses have been rapidly deploying chatbots during the Covid-19 crisis into social media, websites and messenger apps to deal with business and customer queries. Repay the earned business and consumer trust in them to improve your service post-Coronavirus to win loyalty and sales. In the years before Covid-19 (remember them?), there were many arguments […]

  • How to Ensure Your Chatbot Is a Customer Support Success

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    From internal IT to big-brand tech services, outages and service failures happen on a daily basis, and always at the wrong moment for some. The key to keeping those colleagues or customers happy is to operate highly visible support and crisis management services that keep people informed without then needing to dig for information or […]

  • 2020 and Beyond for Customer Service

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    Customer service and the tools to deliver it are changing fast, every business should recognise that. Your customers certainly are, as everyone from pensioners down to teenagers are increasingly exposed to chatbots and AI across a wide range of services. The growth and reliance in these services will only shift the landscape further in the […]

  • How to Choose: Live Chat vs Chatbots for Your Business

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    In an ideal world, a business would operate both a chatbot and have live operators, always on hand to help customers. In many scenarios, however, that isn’t possible, so how should you plan your business contact, customer care and other communication strategies in the age of the chatbot? Being left on hold, long wait times, […]

  • The Future of Chatbots in the Move to Online Conversation

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    By Avi Benezra Chatbots have already changed plenty over their short history, becoming smarter, broader and more capable of interacting with other services. The future of chatbots will see even greater diversity as they are folded into virtual assistants, while the big issues like ethical AI will make headlines and drive changes in how chatbots […]