Author: Avi Benezra

  • Chatbot Capabilities: Essential Characteristics of Great Bots

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    What makes a good chatbot great? With so many bots launching to engage with customers and as business/market understanding of what makes a good bot improving, there has never been a better time to launch a bot that succeeds and delivers in the right places to benefit both the company and end-users. Chatbots are just […]

  • 5 Chatbot and AI Trends for 2020

    2020, trends, ai, chatbot

    The stats continue to show chatbots on the rise and AI becoming a growing force in how businesses operate. But in 2020, things will accelerate even faster, as the technology becomes more accessible and the benefits clearer across a wider number of markets and uses. Chatbots and AI are advancing so fast, they’ve already ploughed […]

  • How to Choose: Live Chat vs Chatbots for Your Business

    live chat vs chatbot

    In an ideal world, a business would operate both a chatbot and have live operators, always on hand to help customers. In many scenarios, however, that isn’t possible, so how should you plan your business contact, customer care and other communication strategies in the age of the chatbot? Being left on hold, long wait times, […]

  • Keep Your Chatbot Out of the Silo

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    By Avi Benezra Silos are one of IT’s anathemas and while many businesses have launched their first generations of chatbots in a standalone fashion, to ensure future utility and extracting valuable data from them, future bots need to be accessible to other digital services, and able to import data from elsewhere. The joy of the […]

  • The Future of Chatbots in the Move to Online Conversation

    A blue brain, seen from above, in circles with horizontal lines on either side, like those of a computer chip.

    By Avi Benezra Chatbots have already changed plenty over their short history, becoming smarter, broader and more capable of interacting with other services. The future of chatbots will see even greater diversity as they are folded into virtual assistants, while the big issues like ethical AI will make headlines and drive changes in how chatbots […]

  • The Prize of Chatbot Marketing

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    Guest post by Avi Benezra, CTO of SnatchBot. Now that chatbots are the new normal, companies and marketers need to attract people to get them using the bots and more interested in sharing information. Competitions and prizes are just one way to get users interesting in chatbots, and can make a welcome return in an […]